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Simplified Online Marketing

While My Marketing Gals focus efforts online we highly recommend a well rounded marketing plan to market your business. One of our favorite Direct Mail pieces is a program offered by the United States Postal Service.  Just as it's title "Every Door Direct Mail" postal agents hand deliver your mail separate from the regular circulars to specified neighborhoods or zip codes. Another great feature of this program involves creating the ad. Costs includes this, so no worries in hiring a graphic designer or creating in-house.

Tips when considering a Direct Mail Campaign: 

1. Know your target market: From basic demographics to their interests and purchasing habits.  A clear understanding will help you design and target your piece for a better response. You may need to create different campaigns if you have a varied audience. 

2. Design: an effective piece with a clear call to action. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention, avoid confusing and hard to read piece.

3. Distribute: From an existing customer database to a purchased list or demographic area, ensure you are reaching your target market and your piece stands out.

3. Measure Results: If you can't track and measure the response of your piece how will know if it worked.  Many options for marketing your business exist. You should be able to track and record those that work so you can gain the best return on your investment.


Note: While, on occasion, My Marketing Gals does guide clients through this process, we typically partner with local experts. We share this information to help local businesses succeed. Contact us for any questions.


Every Door Direct Mail by USPS

Every Door Direct Mail by USPS