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If you have something newsworthy to say consider a press release.  It can be archived online for a very long time and get your business noticed. When people  (your target market) search online for information wouldn't it be nice if they found one of these articles which lead them to your business?

Online Press Releases

Online Press Releases

Below is a list of free (up to a level) sites to post your newsworthy release.   Don’t forget to put it  on your own site and/or blog and link to your social media accounts.  You may even consider calling your local Chamber of Commerce and ask about scheduling a ribbon cutting in celebration of your newsworthy event.  Many celebrate awards, expansion and other accomplishments with the community.

Ensure your press release is professionally written and offers quality content .  Avoid selling your products and services.  Here are a few sites, our gals found, to help you get started.