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Social Media Management:

Create/Claim Accounts:

Our Gals will identify platforms that are key to attracting your target audience. We will then claim and create these accounts with your custom branding as well as keywords and descriptions for increased SEO and engagement.  

Costs: $300 for the first account and $150 each additional. 

Monthly Management:

Our gals will work with your team to gather content and post on your behalf.  We monitor and manage each 24/7 and alert you when action is required.  Rates for managing your online accounts varies depending on how involved you'd like to be.  

Starting rate: $500 monthly.


Blogging is a great way to increase your SEO. Our gals work with your team to write blog articles.  While we can't be experts in every field we will research and interview team members to create each article. Depending on your website platform our gals will either post to your website or forward to your WebMaster for posting.  

Average cost per blog article: $150. 

E-mail Marketing

We use Constant Contact for all e-mail marketing.  After trying several email platforms it's simply the best. Sign up for your Constant Contact account above or contact us to help you get started. 

Do you need our gals to manage your e-mail marketing? We work with your team to create compelling campaigns. Our gals can create templates to get you started and are even there to create and send your emails on a regular basis, manage your lists, track results and more. 

Create a Custom Template:

While Constant Contact has many wonderful templates to choose from we highly suggest you use one of these as a starting point and have it customized to your brand. Our gals create responsive e-mail templates that coincide with your company branding and are designed for maximum results.  The cost for your template varies depending on your business and the layout and details you want to send through your emails. Also, you may need more than one template for e-newsletter, specials, announcements, etc. Don't worry we will bundle price if several are needed. 

Call our gals to discuss.  An average range would be $150-$300+ per template. 

Create and send e-mail Campaigns:

Pricing varies depending on content, but the more you send the more your save. Below are average estimates. My Marketing Gals will suggest topics and layout for each campaign, help manage your list and update templates as well as propose incentive suggestions to increase database subscriptions for our monthly clients. Contact us for a true estimate based on your goals.  

Sporadically send an email every now and then: $225 each*

Send 1x per month (year contract): $150 each*

Send 2+x per month (year contract): $125 each*

*Pricing is an average estimate. We will give exact pricing once we assess your business and e-mail strategy.


Ask our gals about these other services: