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Simplified Online Marketing

Many ask "Should my business be active in Social Media?"  

Answer these questions...

  1. Do you want new customers/clients,  or, do you want to increase sales with existing customers?

  2. Do you want your customers to share or refer your business?

  3. Do you want more visits on your website?

  4. Do you want your business to show up in more search results online?

  5. Do you want to get ahead of your competition?

Chances are you answered "Yes" to many of these questions.  The question you should be asking is...

"How should I use Social Media to promote my business? "

Here is our formula for creating a successful social media campaign.

  1. GOALS: Determine your goals.

  2. RESEARCH: Who is your target audience and what would they find interesting from you? Check out others in your industry including your competition. Look for content ideas.  

  3. PLATFORMS: Find the platforms that are a good match for your business. 

  4. CONTENT: Interact with your audience through engaging content. We recommend creating campaigns with themes to post about. Each campaign has a direct call to action and goal.

  5. PLAN: Create a plan to implement. Are you using a tool, dividing with staff, etc.? Don't forget to integrate this plan into your overall marketing strategy.  

  6. MONITOR your Brand. Respond to your audience, community partners and listen to what others are saying about your business.

  7. MEASURE Results. Capture results from activity across all platforms and use this detailed data to revise your plan. 

Our gals are here to help you. We can assist and train your team or handle it all so you can focus on your business.  

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